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What is Crowdsourced Cinema?

Crowdsourced Cinema is an outreach project that brings production-oriented creatives together to re-create a beloved major motion picture. Crowdsourced is open to anyone in the community--individuals, families, teams, or school groups can sign up to participate in the project. Each team is randomly assigned a one-to-three minute scene from a movie--this year, it's Home Alone! 

Teams have time from the announcement of the film on April 10th to September 6th to remake their scene. They can employ whichever approach to the scene that makes sense--the more creative, the better! They could be filmed with live action, remix, puppetry, or other visual styles. Music can be recreated with anything from synths to kazoos. Resourcefulness is more valued than a budget.

At the end of the summer, scenes are stitched together, color corrected, audio normalized, and the finished Crowdsourced film premieres on a big screen.(Let’s not make too much of a scene, right?) 


Aaand the movie is.....


The Crowdsourced Cinema project now runs in parallel in four geographic regions, run by Northampton Open Media in Western Mass, in Boston led by Brookline Interactive Group as Crowdsourced Boston in Vermont led by the Media Factory as Crowdsourced VT and in Fresno, CA as Crowdsourced Fresno. We’ll all be making our own remakes of Home Alone.



April 10-- 5pm-Signups Open

April 17-- Scene/Soundtrack Distribution

September 6-- Scenes/Soundtrack Due



"Crowdsourced Cinema is a playful project, because play is safe. We believe that becoming fluent in arts-like media making makes us more fluent in describing ourselves. We are more thoughtful. We are a stronger community.”- Northampton Open Media Executive Director Albert Williams

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